The Courtney Janes


The Long Season - CD

Long Season, our latest album, features the full CJs Band with Trent Boeschen on drums, David Fairchild on bass and guest appearances by Jill Pierce, Ben Bernstein, and Erik Yates.

"If you are a fan of fun, classic, upbeat and sometimes moody, bluegrass roots-rock/Americana (hard to define!) music you must get a hold of the Courtney Janes' new album... It is awesome!" -Brad Curtis, Lucky Dog

The Courtney Janes T-Shirt - Men & Women's Sizes: S, M, L, XL

High-Quality Gildan T-shirts are Soft and they look great! Heather gray with charcoal-tone ink, printed locally by a certified green business. The logo is about 7" wide by 9" high, centered over the chest. Get yours at our next show, or email us for details. (If we play at your wedding, these make great party favors! Contact us about bulk pricing.)

Keepin' It Reel - CD

Keepin' it Reel is a special CD for us. We recorded the whole thing in Dennis's living room on a vintage 4-track reel to reel tape machine. It's all live, full of analog sweetness. Our friends tell us this CD sounds like their favorite folk records from the 70s...

The Courtney Janes - CD

Dennis Haneda recorded this album with some friends and released it as "The Courtney Janes" in 2006. His concept was to get together with some other like-minded songwriters who also enjoy playing rhythm and lead. Dennis recruited Ben Hulan few months after completing the album.
The Courtney Janes

The Present Plays - CD

Ben Hulan recorded this CD in the latter part of 2003, and released it in January of 2004. He put together The Sugar Grove Band with songwriter Amy Sullivan and featured several of their talented musician friends to fill out the sound. Ben moved to California in 2006 and joined Dennis in 2008 to form The Courtney Janes.